Waking Dream

5–9 April (Miart 2019)

308 Nulla è perduto


We spend most of our lives dreaming,

especially when we are awake.

Carlos Ruiz Zafón, The game of the angel


Waking Dream is a cutting-edge exhibition presented by renowed curator Maria Abramenko at the Milan MiArt week from April 5th to April 9th at 308 Nulla è perduto (Sartirana st, 3).


Waking Dream draws together disparate artists with highly individualistic talents under a single theme: the subconscious memes, symbols and tropes present in our dreamscape, and their impact on the waking mind. The inspiration for this theme is drawn from the writings of Carl Gustav Jung, and his conviction that the creativity of the woke mind is a synthesis of thoughts that swirl through the unconsciousness during sleeping hours.


This exhibition, starting from the oneiric dimension of the subject as an eclipse of the five senses, poses questions about experience-perception dualisms. Consciousness and sleep are two opposing states of consciousness. The link between these two worlds is The Waking. In the world of waking, the neuro system inhibits the vividness of memories conjured from the unconsciousness. In contrast to the contemporary world, where every day we experience our avatars, of more or less conscious alter egos, of algorithmic languages and a parallel reality created by bit with this exposition, the dream shines as the most human symbolizing faculty, one of the last organic ways and spiritual that opens to endless roads.


Seven artists and two collectives and drawn together with Waking Dream providing a rich spectrum touching all five senses. The exhibition engages the viewer, prompting our own thoughts on the impact subconscious life has on how we react to the works on show.


Matteo Castiglioni presents an audiovisual installation that offers an experiential reflection on digital reality. 


Tadao Cern bridges the barrier between the work environment and the spectator, his signature Black Balloons playfully exploring lucid dreaming through lightness and heaviness, attraction and repulsion, corporeality and immateriality. 


The DUSKMANN collective will recur after Manifesta12. The artistic group, characterised by its post-atomic minimal soul, will bring a series of sculptures whose infinite geometries express the powerful expressive energy of dreams as a symbol. 


Ignazio Mortellaro deciphers dreams as the horizon of the intellect, seeing them as an interiorized place of freedom. 


The artist Scerbo investigates the relationship between the human being and his existence through the medium of light and transparency. 


The perspicacity of Veronica Smirnoff’s paintings draw out the subtleties of our dream dimensions.


Dutch collective Graphic Surgery uses site-specific intervention to disrupt our perception of the environment. 


Jonathan Vivacqua’s works distort and warp physical space, transforming it into the mental space of the subconscious.


Finally, Giulio Alvigini, creator of Make Italian Art Great Again, uses randomly arranged works to propose an ironic objectification of the Italian contemporary art system.


On April 6, Waking Dream features an audio performance of Edoardo Dionea Cicconi, through which sound vibrations will transport the audience to perceive the experience of a lucid dream through a lysergic moment. (8.30pm)



Curator: Maria Abramenko

[email protected] 

tel: + 393463220163

instagram: @mariabramenko


Press office: Carmen Caggese

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tel: +393392718171

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