Tulio Pinto

Born in Brasília in 1974, Tulio lives and works in Porto Alegre.  Pinto graduated in visual arts with an emphasis on sculpture by the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul. 

Túlio creates his art between sculpture and installation studying mostly tension and gravity. Magically achieving a balance between strength and fragility while using industrial materials. To soften cold and rusty iron, the artist adds cleanness and transparency of glass to his works.Túlio often works with blown glass, sand,concrete and iron. Strength and resistance are fundamental in Tulio’s expression.
According to Tulio himself, the production process of his work is complex and involves many unforeseen events: in fact, materials with such different weight and density cannot be easily combined. So the artist must often make many tests before reaching the final work: the glass does not hold up to the weight of the metal, the materials do not intersect properly, finding a center of gravity becomes difficult on uneven surfaces, too much tension can easily lead to breakage. In this sense, production also permeates with fear, uncertainty and fragility.
The author’s sentiment therefore becomes the same as that of the viewer of the work, who is struck by a sense of instability, fear of fracture, uncertainty and amazement.
The element of fragility therefore becomes fundamental to the creative phase even before the final one: what the viewer feels when seeing the work is the very basis of its creation, thus bringing together and uniting the author and user on a purely emotional level.

Pinto’s works are mostly inspired by Brazilian constructivist inheritance,  international minimalism and Russian Constructivism. The feeling of amazement is the basis of constructivism: an observer can marvel at how a building can be built and look light but with the use of heavy and substantial materials. In this, Tulio and his inspirations are coherent and consistent.