Mikkel Carl’s artistic practice undoubtedly develops a thematic, which ranks among the most urgent ones in the field of contemporary art – the relationship between language and perceptual experience, concept and materiality. 

This takes place through a cross-media practice, which often enters into a critically inspired dialogue with some of the efforts of 20th century avant-garde and neo-avant-garde movements, in particular Conceptual Art and Minimal Art.

 Accordingly, he shows a continuing interest in ‘found’ objects, which are modified and staged anew in order to displace their original registers of aesthetic and semantic content. 

We recognize here an affinity with Dadaist ready-mades, the unexpected and ‘fantastic’ combinations of Surrealist assemblages, and above all postmodernism’s strategies of appropriation; and inspiration is provided more specifically by engagement with some branches of industrial design, fashion, as well as popular and material culture.