Marlena Kudlicka

Marlena Kudlicka is an established mid-career artist from Poland. Born in Tomaszów Lubelski, in 1973, she currently lives and works in Berlin.
Marlena’s work is mostly inspired by Soviet constructivism and avant-garde. While making her sculptures the artist remembers her native industrial architectural  landscapes of Poland in the 70’s. That is exactly where our sense of fragility and stability (at the same time) in viewing Marlena’s sculptures comes from. Observing these massive brutalist buildings, half abandoned and illegally constructed, brings the artist to her research of the relationship between precision and error. For Marlena fragility allows the viewer to reconsider the artwork in relation to its history, the past and the present. Like incompleteness, fragility acts as a counterpoint and is crucial to making space complete and is the key to understanding Marlena’s artistìc vision. 
Marlena uses mathematical formulas and equations to title and describe her artworks – in fact the title is always the starting point of her creative process. Her scientific approach to art is always evident in her works. “Error in language and mathematics (as a global universal language) offers multiple options, independently from any system or cultural identity. Perhaps it is appropriate in this context for the viewer to see the finished artwork in a similar way the solution to a mathematical equation and the process of producing the artwork is like the mathematical working towards the equation’s solution.
In her work Kudlicka mainly uses steel, glass, and enamel as well as calculations and technical drawings as part of her installations.  Language is another key element in Kudlicka’s work; the title is always a fundamental  element of her art
Given the precision of the finished product and the materials used, the artwork clearly allows the viewer to also understand the process by which the artwork progressed from idea to installation. In this aspect, language is regarded as a subject of exact science and mathematics is an aesthetic category – a very satisfying, surprising and intriguing juxtaposition.