Born in Erba in 1986 Jonathan Vivacqua is now living and working in Milan. Jonathan received his MA in Fine Arts at Academy of Brera.
His main inspiration is monumental symmetry. His artworks are always clean and minimalistic; they usually require a lot of focus and attention from the viewer. That’s why Jonathan used to work within immense spaces, exploring the possibilities offered by them. Very often in his solo shows, Jonathan creates site specific works.
Vivacqua’s artworks over the years have become more and more minimalistic, the huge space around them is always an integral part of the viewer experience.
The space is the main aspect in Vivacqa’s work: from a container it becomes an extension, in an almost poetic perspective and above all in an instinctive and natural but always different evolution.
In fact, the artist does not have a programmatic approach to creation, indeed proceeding in the opposite way: the installation does not have any preparatory studies or sketches but comes to life almost spontaneously in the very place where it is exhibited. At the end of the work, the artist traces the technical drawing, to close this process in reverse, which signs a distinct, informal and poetic approach to art.
Poetry that can also be identified in the choice of materials used. Iron in the first place, insulating materials and steel rails are all in fact typical building elements: Jonathan’s father owned a construction company and so his childhood involved coming into regular contact with all these materials.
Jonathan’s oeuvre follows in the footsteps of artists such as Donald Judd and Richard Serra although the materials that he uses and the construction of his artworks definitely gives us  a lighter feeling.