DUSKMANN was founded in Florence in 2015 by Daniele Cavalli. It is a collective of artists who strive to render in their respective art forms a distinctive vision of beauty. DUSKMANN is brought together by the desire to create a vision where art and design are united in a potent, revelatory way. All of the creatives involved are continually exploring their thinking, their individual perspectives synthesised into various art forms. It is a multidisciplinary movement, Ignited by a passion for the art and craftsmanship, which intends to create cross disciplinary, multimedia projects, encompassing photography, music and design.
The collective has always worked in the installation field, mainly developing projects related to photography and sculpture. They give attention to the worlds of science and minerals in particular and are fascinated by their shapes and structures. Indeed the centrepiece of DUSKMANN’s art is a heart shaped giant Jasper stone, considered by the collective as their soul. 
“In most of the installations that I have created so far there has been a stone weighing a ton which, despite its specific properties, being a red Jasper, it has a characteristic that makes it unique – it has the shape of a heart.
This form was given to it by nature itself, I only enhanced it by smoothing it.”  Says Daniele
Daniele’s background and training is in the world of photography. Thus the photographic discipline forms a key part of the overall creative vision. For example, the use of monochrome or indeed texture and patterns found within nature.
Music is another fundamental element for the DUSKMANN collective. Sound is where they find most of their inspiration.  Currently they are collaborating with several different musicians. As such, the pieces will be a combination of the visual together with an accompanying audio installation.
Every DUSKMANN show is always a site-specific installation related directly to its environment. They are geometrically designed in such a way as to create an endless composition. The pieces follow each other in a logical way that gives the viewer a sense of infinity.